Who is ‘Zoom Virtual Party’?

ZOOM VIRTUAL PARTY is the child of the Superheroes Inc.

Based in Sydney, Australia, we have been performing live events since 2002. In that time we have performed at 23,000+ events for more than 900,000 children.  

That’s a lot of smiles!  

While the recent changes due to COVID have caused drama and grief to some, it does have one silver lining. We have now taken our performances online, so can share our award-winning entertainment with the world!

Zoom Virtual Birthday Party Ideas Kids Entertainment Parties
Zoom Virtual Birthday Party Ideas Kids Entertainment Parties

The Best Children’s Party Entertainment Online!

Yep, it’s a big call

…but after delivering over 23,000 successful kids parties, we reckon it’s a call we can make!  

There’s quite a bit of competition in the world of children’s party entertainment!  We started bringing the best children’s party entertainers to add that special something to kids, way back in 2002.  Since then, we’ve seen many companies come and go.  

So what makes us successful?  Well, we do things a bit differently, and it works for us.  More importantly, it works for the parents that trust us with their kids party entertainment.  

It’s All About What We Are…


… But More Importantly, What We Are NOT.

What we are…  

Parents!  The people behind the scenes understand what it’s like to be a busy parent, and know the effort that goes into hosting a great children’s birthday party. We’re all about making it easy and stress-free for you!  

Picky.  Only the very best children’s party entertainers are on our team. All of our entertainers are multi-talented, know how to make children feel at ease, and are qualified to work with children.  

All about choice. We know every child, every event is different, and that’s why every experience we create is unique.  That’s also why we offer 140 characters, so you can guarantee that we have the right character for your party! 

Adaptable. After all these years in the children’s party entertainment business, we’ve seen it all, and can deal with all sorts of unexpected kids party situations!  Although kid’s birthday parties are what we live and breathe, we also love bringing the children’s party entertainment to a corporate setting. So, wherever you are and whatever happens, we’ve got the entertainment covered. 

Zoom Virtual Birthday Party Ideas Kids Entertainment Parties
Zoom Virtual Birthday Party Ideas Kids Entertainment Parties

Good listeners. We’ll take the time to understand exactly what you need so that we can make your child’s birthday party a roaring success! We also know the right questions to ask you to make sure your party entertainment is age appropriate and suits your specific needs.  

Detail-oriented.   We get how important your party is, and how many moving parts are involved in children’s birthday parties.  We check each detail and then check again to ensure our party entertainment is exactly what you expected (well, more than you expected!)  and make sure our kids party entertainer, looks the part and makes sure everyone has a great time!  

In contact.  We’ll be in touch several times with you before your party and will even check in during the party to make sure it’s running smoothly. We’ll also make sure we’re there to take your call if you need to get in touch!  

 Flexible.  It’s your party. We’ll stand on our heads in the corner for an hour if that’s what you want! We’ll do whatever it take to make the show great!  

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